Wedding Ideas


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Wedding planners make your wedding more colorful by carefully planning and executing it. Make sure that your wedding planner is a good fit for you. Ask your wedding planner how the charge for the wedding, whether it’s hourly, a percentage of the wedding budget, or a flat rate. Check out their payment policy – do they accept credit cards? What is their cancellation policy? Will they handle every aspect of your wedding, or are there portions of it that you need to do yourself?

Do they have any packages that include honey moon planning? Do any of their packages include finding your wedding dress or organizing the wedding party? If they don’t, ask them if you need to pay extra for those services. You will also need to decide how many guests to invite, as this will have the most influence on the cost of your wedding and planner.

What options does the wedding planner have for you for photography? Traditional photographers can be incredibly expensive, several thousand dollars for a high-quality photographer with an assistant. Some weddings provide everyone with a one-time use camera, while some ask people to use their smartphones and collect the photos after. A fun, and much cheaper option than a photographer is a wedding photo booth in Vancouver, which can provide hours of fun, customizable photos, and they usually have a prop box full of fun things to dress up in for your very special day.

What are you going to serve your guests as a welcome drink? If you’re going to plan your wedding to be unique then you should plan accordingly to make your wedding more special and memorable. A wedding planner can give you cost saving tips that you wouldn’t know about otherwise. Wedding venues can be decorated using handmade ideas which give a unique look, though a wedding planner will charge separately for these – you can opt to do them yourself.

Looking for a nerd cake wedding? Ask your wedding planner for DIY ideas for a customized centerpiece. They can also help you customize your wedding cake to match your theme. Many people think that hiring a wedding planner is incredibly expensive, but they are the best way to save you money. Make sure you pick the wedding planner that suits you, check their portfolio and talk to previous clients to make sure they have successfully executed weddings.

Make a trial photo shoot and check whether the photographer suits you, meet up with photo booth rental company and review their equipment and process. A recent survey has reported that most people spend a lot of money on their wedding. But the wedding planners help you to save money by giving money saving ideas. Wedding planners helps you to make your wedding execute perfectly. Make sure the person who speaks with you will be available on the day of your wedding. Cross check the events and happenings.