16 Sustainable Companies Making A Difference In The UK

15 Sustainable Companies Making A Difference In The UK

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As customers become more ecologically conscious and put brand values first when making their shopping choices, companies need to address the environmental crisis. The climate emergency is real, according to researchers, our atmosphere consists of higher carbon dioxide than it’s ever been, and levels are increasing at the quickest pace since 2011. Here we discuss the sustainable companies in UK.

The corporate sector in the United Kingdom is starting to recognize the significance of business sustainability plans and socially responsible business practices. The variety of environmentally friendly products and services – from sustainable power to plant-based meat – has never really been larger, and its expansion occurs at an opportune time.

Adopting economic viability is critical for the wellbeing of the earth, but it is also critical for organizations. Youngsters like to purchase from or even engage with firms that care about the environment, so businesses should embrace an environmentally friendly attitude.

Green enterprises emphasize eco-friendly workplace architecture as well as include more greenery, while many would switch to green energy providers. Structures are indeed being outfitted with living walls, while saplings are being planted on roofs and office waste is being reduced.

In addition, there seems to be an increasing number of greener small businesses whose sole aim is to provide ecologically sustainable items and services.

In 2018, the UK authorities launched an additional £40 million startup funding initiative to aid with the growth of green technology startups. Economic growth, falling expenses, and lower operational expenses are indeed increasing the investment being funneled into this sector.

16 UK Businesses Prioritizing Environment 

1. Leon

LeonYou might have stopped in for brunch or dinner, however, did you realize Leon was already focusing on environmentalism for more than the last five years? Waste materials and spoons have been substituted with sustainable replacements, and sustainable wrapping is used. More than a quarter of the cuisine is meatless, as the company exclusively offers Fairtrade, green tea, with all sales benefiting the World Land Trust.

  • City: London
  • Number of employees: 700
  • Products/services: lunch and dinner meals, with organic coffee and other snacks.
  • Best eco-friendly practices: replacing straws with sustainable straws and eco-friendly wrapping methods are used.

2. Grow Bristol

Grow BristolGrow Bristol employs permaculture (a method of plant growth but without mud), smart agriculture, and regulated environmental technologies to cultivate the organic farmland for tomorrow. It has enabled them to raise high-quality vegetables without the need for insecticides throughout the year. During its testing stage, it produced 3 tons of vegetables from 50 different types and transported everything on an electrified scooter.

  • City: Bristol, UK
  • Number of employees: around 200 employees
  • Products/services: producing vegetables and transporting those.
  • Best eco-friendly practices: producing vegetables without using insecticides

3. Toast

Toast - 15 Sustainable Companies In UKRemember the first instance when you tossed out food? This Yorkshire-based brewing company makes its award-winning beers from leftover bread and slices from snack shops and bakers. In the United Kingdom, an average of 44 percent of the loaf is discarded, contributing to the country’s £20 billion foodstuff wastage issue. Toast additionally donates 100% of its proceeds to organizations working to alleviate this situation.

  • City: South London
  • Number of employees: around 16 employees
  • Products/services: Beer, Bread
  • Best eco-friendly practices: Making beer from excess bread, also donates 100% of its profits to organizations

4. Bulb


The bulb produces low carbon power from sunlight, air currents, and hydraulic outlets while also facilitating carbon emission decrease initiatives including certain wind power construction in India and forests safeguards in Sierra Leone, providing 100 percent biofuels electric power and low carbon gas, and dispelling the misconception that alternative sources must be costly. Hayden Wood and Amit Gudka started it upon becoming dissatisfied with the inefficiencies and unsustainable nature of the old energy business. Its headquarters are in bustling East London, and it today provides inexpensive, sustainable energy to 1.3 million individuals.

  • City: London
  • Number of employees: 500-1000 employees
  • Products/services: providing electricity that is renewable
  • Best eco-friendly practices: 100% renewable energy to homes and businesses

5. Pavegen

PavegenStare back the very next moment you’re strolling and consider how so much power you may be collecting. Pavegen’s inventors created customized pavement flooring that turns footfall into kinetic energy using electromagnetic accelerators. Pavegen’s technique turns footfall into energy, which is then used to operate systems such as illumination, data processing, and transfer, and ecological tracking. They have put their panels in 36 nations in high-traffic areas including retail malls and transportation terminals They’ve also been utilized to light up a brightly lit football field.

  • City: London
  • The number of employees: approx. 30
  • Products/services: energy pads for lightning
  • Best eco-friendly practices: their technique turns footfall into kinetic energy using electromagnetic accelerators.

6. Innocent Drinks

Innocent Drinks

Their beverages are not only tasty, but they are beneficial for the environment. The Rainforest Alliance that engages with landowners to maintain biological diversity and safeguard farmers’ interests, purchases fruits for the store’s shakes. Innocent also used recyclable materials in its wrapping from 2003 and donates 10% of its yearly revenue to the charitable organization.

  • City: London
  • The number of employees: approx. 600
  • Products/services: Food processing, soft drinks, juices, beverages
  • Best eco-friendly practices: It recycles materials in its wrapping and donates 10% of its yearly revenue to charity.

7. Limejump


Limejump, launched in 2013 by Erik Nygard with Ning Zhang, is a leading company in the environmental control industry. Leveraging computer science and artificial intelligence, the firm integrates renewable energy generators to commodity derivatives, reserves excess power in novel ways, and maintains one of several biggest global centralized regulated batteries asset portfolios.

  • City: London
  • Number of employees: approx 200
  • Products/services: integrates renewable energy generators and reserves excess power by new methods
  • Best eco-friendly practices: accelerates renewable energy transition via computer science

8. Buzzbike


Buzzbike is a modular bike rental business located in the UK. Membership consists of a high-quality bicycle, headlights, locks, coverage, and maintenance. Bicycling is not just a notably “environmentally friendly” mode of transportation, but the Buzzbike service also provides for simple regular activity and considerably affordable commuting. Up to 545 tons of Carbon dioxide and 29,000 rides might be averted for every 2,000 Buzzbikes in London. Carry on!

  • City: London
  • The number of employees: approx. 10
  • Products/services: bicycle rentals
  • Best eco-friendly practices: since riding bicycles is Eco friendly, they provide cycles for rent and also repair services

9. UrbanThings


Carl Partridge established UrbanThings in 2011 to provide an edge over conventional cardboard and malleable heavy local transportation tickets. The Ticketless or Buses Finder applications with UrbanThings allow users to access your passes using your smartphone, decreasing the ecological effect of local transportation. This even renders travel rather more convenient since smartphone users can arrange itineraries, get postponement alerts, and pay fares on the move.

  • City: London
  • The number of employees: approx. 40
  • Products/services: ticket and travel info
  • Best eco-friendly practices: it renders people go Ticketless so as to reduce the use of paper

10. Delphis Eco

Delphis Eco

Delphis Eco offers items for households and companies that are “eco-friendly strong!”. Its eco-friendly, 100% British-made line covers anything from bathroom cleansers to mild facial cleansers. Not only that the business’s goods are environmentally friendly, but its packing is considered extremely of recyclable materials, and it just never experiments on pets, and it holds two royal licenses which are ideal for house cleaning.

  • City: London
  • Number of employees: 12
  • Products/services: household cleaning products
  • Best eco-friendly practices: all products are 100% organic and Eco friendly.

11. Library of Things


The Library of Things intends to promote renting rather than purchasing. It provides a variety of products, ranging from pancake makers to machine tools, and community attractions and outreach programs. The Library of Things is a genuine environmental hero, not just because it makes the community a better place but also because it decreases unnecessary purchasing. After using the Library of Things, 60% of customers believe individuals are often more willing to fix or repurpose objects rather than discard those.

  • City: London
  • Number of employees: 10
  • Products/services: rent useful things for occasional use
  • Best eco-friendly practices: as it helps reduce unnecessary purchasing and objects are not discarded as much as they used to before.

12. Indiebride London

Indiebride London

Indiebride London is a UK-based clothing business for brides. Its heirloom-quality wedding dresses and fittings are created and produced in the UK with minimal wastage. The shop makes an effort to employ ecological linens and threads, which are generally made in England, Scotland, and France.

  • City: London
  • Number of employees: N/A
  • Products/services: dresses for brides
  • Best eco-friendly practices: they make dresses with the least wastage and use as many ecological linens and threads as possible.

13. SoL Cups

SoL Cups

SoL Cups objective is to eliminate single-use materials in each coffee mug at one go. It offers a solution to throwaway polyethylene-coated containers to the UK’s thousands of regular coffee consumers with its gorgeous hand-blown coffee stirrers with those silicon covers. Rebecca Veksler created SoL Cups in Australia however, the company currently has a large presence in the United Kingdom. It is actively extending its plastic-free product line to have included recyclable glasses, handle bags, and water-resistant bags.

  • City: London
  • Number of employees: N/A
  • Products/services: coffee cups and bottles
  • Best eco-friendly practices: they make reusable coffee cups to eliminate single-use products.

14. Notpla


Notpla is a biodegradable packing solution derived from seaweed and certain other botanicals that decompose in days. Ooho, a different packing option for beverages and seasonings, is the best-known Notpla component. Early 2019, Ooho substituted disposable bottles during the London Marathon, and ketchup packets wrapped with Ooho may be found! Lately, the business created a recyclable, greaseproof Notpla covering for carton takeout packages, which is a leap toward plastic-free product packing. Believe us, it’s rather brilliant.

  • City: London
  • Number of employees: approx 50
  • Products/services: edible food packaging
  • Best eco-friendly practices: they eliminate the use of plastics in their packaging

15. Meristem Design

Meristem Design

Meristem Design meets the demands of environmental architecture by offering a full range of concept, construction, and management services. It’s been deeply engaged in ‘greening’ London via several ventures such as the installation of pollution-reducing evergreen displays in educational institutions, the construction of huge gardening mechanisms and shop fronts on freshly pedestrian-friendly streets, as well as the landscaping of outer living walls throughout the region.

  • City: London
  • Number of employees: approx 10 employees
  • Products/services: urban greening consultancy
  • Best eco-friendly practices: designing the places whether home or office be more green.

16. Gift Wild

Anyone now has the chance to purchase beautifully designed cards made from recycled paper from Gift Wild. Add a personal touch with a handwritten message  for your greetings card of choice to make it extra special. Gift Wild does its bit for the environment on top of that by offering bags or cushion covers that are made from organic fair trade cotton, 10% of all sales are donated to conservation charities and all orders are sent in eco-friendly packaging.

  • City: Reading
  • Number of employees: approx 2 employees
  • Products/services: gift cards made with recycled paper, textiles made from organic fair trade cotton, eco-friendly packaging, handwritten personal messages.
  • Best eco-friendly practices: 10% of all sales are donated to conservation charities.

Now you finally know exactly what to look for when you explore firms or organisations. Take note of the incredible activism and development that is taking place in the corporate field. Many like the listed companies provide individuals with the opportunity to be environmentally conscious in the majority of their daily activities. Such firms are not only concerned about their own effect, but rethinking the company’s responsibility in fighting global warming and safeguarding our environment.

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