5 Tips for Aspiring Travel Photographers

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If you are interested in being a travel photographers, blogger, or YouTuber, the technology of today can make your life a lot easier. While it seems that the market is saturated, there is room for someone who is willing to focus and build a following inside a particular niche such as gig photography for example and you can read more about it in this photographer journey article.

Being a photographer entails more than just taking photos and many freelance photographers cannot afford to get too scattered while building up their stock of photos. So, make sure you inform yourself about useful information and advice from photography bloggers and influencers and follow some key travel photography tips as outlined below.

1. Go for Quantity

GO FOR QUANTITYWhile lining up the perfect shot, take a lot of photos before and after the actual shoot. Because you do not need to develop anything to review it, you can take the time to discard images once you have finished a round of shooting. If possible, clean up or file your discards in a folder where you can review them more closely when you have plenty of power and time to transfer them to a bigger screen.

Try also to work from biggest to smallest photo object. If you are camping in West Virginia state parks and hope to get the ideal shot of an elk at Chief Logan State Park, find a spot where you can hole up early in the day. Since you are already in an isolated and quiet spot, make sure you also keep an eye out for smaller animals, birds, and insects.

2. Work for Quality

WORK FOR QUALITYWhile taking lots of photos of the outdoors and wildlife, make sure you also study your trade. Take a photography class on composition, editing, software, or your particular camera. If you are starting with your phone, find a video or tutorial on how to take the best photos with that.

Depending on where you plan to travel and how to publish and advertise your photos, you may need to take additional classes on

If you want to get the best photos of quilts at a craft fair, you may need to speak a little German to the Amish to build rapport. While they may not be interested in appearing in the photos, you might get to see more of their offerings if you make the effort.

3. Customize with the Right Editing Software

CUSTOMIZE WITH THE RIGHT EDITING SOFTWAREThat folder of discards you create when you are taking lots of photos and storing them digitally may be just what you need to start honing your editing skills. A single leaf, caught in sunlight, can be a wonderful image to learn from, including:

  • changing the colour
  • adding a filter
  • learning to label for the best organization

Once you have your editing software choice made, get in there and play with it. If you are hoping to make money as a blogger or travel photographer, you will need to dedicate time each day to the projects that generate you an income, of course. However, being a freelancer means that you always have to be expanding both your offerings and your skillset so you can grow your business.

4. Dig Deep Into Each Region

DIG DEEP INTO EACH REGIONIf you are headed into West Virginia to take photos of campgrounds, be prepared to stay in one spot for the entire time limit. Get out at different times of the day to catch changes in the colour of light and get images of the wildlife that may not be out during the daytime.

Use a timer and block out hours where you are quiet enough that animals will approach your area to feed, drink or just linger. Consider creating a blind where you can hang out, unseen, for extended periods of time.

5. Build Your Niche

niche marketing - TIPS FOR ASPIRING TRAVEL PHOTOGRAPHERSYour niche is the segment of the photography market that you are personally best at. If you are a people person and folks open up to you, ask if you can take their photos and do your best to capture them in unique ways. As a travel photographer, look for ways to make connections at street fairs, on pedestrian bridges, and wherever folks gather.

If you love the outdoors, work up a portfolio of landscape shots with trees, sunsets, animals, insects, and birds. For those who enjoy solitude near the water, create a series of images of reflections on smooth, calm water and test out the colour filters available.

Every photographer has a story to tell. Study up on your craft to make sure that your subjects shine in each image. Be ready to build excellent editing skills so you can take a raw image from interesting to remarkable in as few steps as possible.

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