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There is always room for more and more pieces of jewellery for fashion bloggers to collect.

Every trendy fashion blogger you meet has an individual taste and styling note when it comes to styling pieces of jewellery as the outfit and situations demand too. There are bloggers out there who are obsessed with jewellery. Though every woman is but these bloggers, have quoted precisely the right pieces of jewellery that they are either still yearning to collect or have already and recommend every woman to at least have those pieces in their wardrobe.

Even men are now more into jewellery and rings. Collecting jewellery is the new trending hobby among hot UK Bloggers, and some are already doing great business while doing so. But we are here to help women have the right pieces which they can wear for the right occasions on the right outfits.

After researching on famous fashion bloggers and their take on jewellery, we are here to help you build a jewellery box with forever fashionable pieces of jewellery that are immensely beautiful. You can purchase all the costlier ones during sale or by using the “DealVoucherz” voucher and buy on discount.

  1. Forever love for Diamonds: Diamonds are called the forever love of women as it is a piece of jewellery which is shining, bright and has a class of its own. No woman ever says no to diamonds, though they are costly you can always start from little to huge. Get yourself diamond stud earrings or a small pendant to be the talk of the town. Diamond Jewellery brings luxury to the contemporary life whether you use it for your everyday work life or occasionally for parties. As these pieces of jewellery whether a stud earring or a pendant are timeless, so they never get out of fashion.
  2. Always go to option, Metallic: Metals are still in fashion, and they are also so cheap unlike the other pieces of jewellery which are in the form of gold or diamonds. When it is about metals, always go for the ones that have a shiny texture so that even if you wear it during the night hours or to a house party, they don’t look dull. For example, big earrings or cuffs emphasize your look to the next level, giving you a bold appearance.
  3. Pieces of Jewellery with a Rock and Roll taste: You never know when the inner goddess in you who is crazy about the rock and roll theme is active and you want to step into the happening classic clubs. So always stock something rocking in your wardrobe whether it is a disc necklace or locket, spikes, choker, chain with robust symbols etc. You can always use these pieces of jewellery to your feminine outfit to add the unexpected touch of trying something unique and creative.
  4. The newfound love Fringe: The Fringe style is so much on-trend whether it is about your fringe bad, fringe top or fringe jeans. So why leave the favourite possession of women behind which is a Fringe Necklace. These necklaces are more like collar necklaces which end right above your chest. Buy one that has a vintage gold chain and gold beads on it. As you can wear it with your little black dress or a Maxi dress.
    jewellery for fashion bloggers
  5. Pearls to keep in touch with classic fashion: The never-ending fondness among women for pearls has kept the love for pearls still alive. Pearls are no wonder the feminine pieces of jewellery that have both class and elegance. A Pearl necklace which is long enough so that you can pair it both as long chain and collar necklace by doubling it adds beauty to your outfit. If you are planning a ball party or a party after work with the colleagues, then wear one and tie the strands by the side to give a more authentic look.
  6. The Gold Bling: Gold is the next big thing after diamonds as believe it or not they too outcast novelty provided the jewellery have been hand crafted well. A woman must have a gold chain in her wardrobe as whether you are wearing a casual outfit or a formal outfit it matches perfectly well. Even a gold bangle on both the wrists is very attractive. A gold plated simple ring on your right hand speaks volume about your fashion sense.
  7. Silver, an always available and affordable choice: Silver has the shine women love wearing jewellery for, as every woman wants jewellery that makes their skin glow. Wearing simple stud earrings as well as a ring, which is made of silver makes for the basic look a girl wants to carry to college or wants to stay like at home. The best thing about silver jewellery is the toe rings. Toe rings glorify the toes which anyways remain out of focus or covered.