Ways to increase Laptop Battery life

Ways to increase Laptop Battery life

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Does your laptop battery gets drained quickly? It is very frustrating especially in the middle of a job if your battery starts to drain. Modern laptops are more efficient and their battery life can last longer. The ultraportable laptops have a battery life of about 14 hours. Even certain inexpensive laptops and gaming laptops have longer battery life, it can last for more than eight hours with one single charge. But, there are certain factors that the user has to pay attention to. You need to keep an eye on your power settings, the extreme temperature in your room can make your device get heated, the apps that are running in the background, etc. This article will provide you with certain tips to extend your laptop battery life.

1. The display brightness can be turned off

If the display brightness is maximum, turn down the display brightness. Lowering the screen brightness can also reduce eye fatigue, thereby giving you a comfortable viewing experience.


Since the bright background on the desktop requires more pixels that could drain the battery power of your device. Go to the Settings > personalization > Background to choose a dark picture.

Laptop Battery life

3. The new battery slider

Instead of searching at the battery page in settings, just click on the battery icon that is on the taskbar. The slider can be moved and adjusted between the best battery life and best performance or even to a balanced mode in between.

4. By turning off the keyboard backlights 

It is important to turn off the keyboard backlight when it is not in use since it drains the battery of the laptop. In the Windows Mobility Center, you can find the control for it or you could even make use of the function key that lets the keyboard light on and off.

5. Make use of the battery saver mode

While you use the laptop on battery power, the battery level will be displayed at the taskbar. Make sure the battery saver mode is activated.

6. Place your laptop away from hot or cold temperatures

If your laptop is exposed to harsh weather conditions like extremely hot or cold, it can certainly damage the battery life of the laptop and reduce its life span.

7. Turn off the Bluetooth and WiFi

If you don’t need the connectivity, it is advisable to turn off the WiFi and Bluetooth. Even when you are connected to the WiFi your laptop may be searching for other connections.  So, turn on the WiFi or Bluetooth only when required.

Increase Laptop Battery life

8. Never keep your laptop always plugged in 

Those who constantly keep their laptop plugged in will have fewer cycles. The battery doesn’t need to be always 100% full.

9. Upgrade to SSD

SSD requires less power to function rather than the mechanical hard drive, with SSD the device will function faster and the files can be accessed quickly thereby saving your battery power.

10. Buy a new battery 

Just like the ink in the printer, laptop batteries are consumable, they are not designed to last for a lifetime, it is guaranteed only for a short duration. In time these batteries lose their original capacity and perform less.

We have provided certain essential tips that can help you to increase your laptop’s battery life. The Dell Service Hyderabad is ready to help you to fix issues with hardware and software repairs. Call the Dell service center near you for further inquiry, the crew members will be happy to assist you.