Features of AOL Mail

how to use aol mail

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We are no longer fully dependent on letters. In the past, we used to send a note and wait for its delivery and further reply. We need instant messaging, and email is the best way to communicate personally and professionally. In this market, there are many players (Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Rediffmail, and www.AOLmail.com ). Out of all these options available, AOL mail is more user-friendly, affordable, safe, and gives better access to its users. Established in 1985 and headquartered in New York, the USA, AOL is Verizon’s division. In this blog, we will talk about unique features of AOL mail that make it class apart from its counterpart.

AOL mail Features

1. Big size attachment:- Email has evolved since its first starting in 1971. Previously, people were using email only to send simple text messages, but nowadays, we require to send large PowerPoint presentations, PDF, Images, RAR Files, and videos to various recipients. AOL email provides an attachment limit of up to 25 MB, which is quite a useful feature. 

2. Large mailbox capacity: More and more emails per day make your mailbox full or difficult to handle. AOL provides immense power through that you can manage 1000 new messages per screen. It means a user can access up to 1000 emails without jumping from one screen to another.

3. Safe and Secure:- Data is vital, and privacy has also become one of the talking points in various parts of the world. As a user, you, too, might be worried about your personal and professional data in email. AOL mail supports all the safety protocols like IMAP, SMTP, and POP3. It also supports SSL and HTTPS once you login through your email id and password.

4. Virus and Spam prevention:- AOL mail adopt an advance methodology that detects spam and virus from coming into your inbox. Their system keeps a vigil on the suspicious emails and also intimates the user in due course. Unlike other email service providers, here probability of spam messages coming into your inbox is minimal.

Features of aol mail

5. Sentence Correction:- More dependence on email for official communication demands correct spelling and grammar in the email. AOL has built spell-checking features that make your writing attractive, concise, readable, and free from all errors.

6. Availability of different domains:- Domains name is like an identification on the digital word. AOL gives the flexibility to choose from a range of domain names. Besides aol.com, you may also prefer to pick other domains like love.com, games.com, wow.com. Etc. Other characters are interesting and help you in making a good impression among your family and friends.

7. Better advertisement management: You do not get distracted by different advertisements placed on various email sides. AOL mail gives less AD, and all the AD is so well established that you do not feel difficulties in sending and receiving your messages.

Time is here for change into AOL mail. They also have a good customer support team, excellent backup mechanisms, and other user-friendly tools. User can easily link their AOL mail accounts with other emails account.