4 Simple Ways To Make Your Home More Eco-Friendly


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Everyone is talking about how we can make our lives greener and eco-friendlier, so we are here to focus on your home!

There are some things that require quite significant changes, and others that require minor efforts, although both can make a big difference in terms of energy costs and helping the planet over time.

Whether you want to make one change or a few, your home is a great place to start!

1. Exchange Light Bulbs For More Eco-Friendly Alternatives


The first thing you can do to make your home eco-friendlier is to replace your light bulbs. If you replaced every lightbulb in your home with eco-friendly LED equivalents, you could reduce the cost of your lighting by around 70%. For the average home, this could be a £36 saving across the year. Whilst this might not seem a lot, it will definitely be helping the environment, and this can add up to nearly £800 across 20 years.

LED light bulbs are very cheap and can be found at most hardware stores, so this simple swap is definitely worth making!

2. Lower The Temperature Of Your Washing Machine


Next up, you could turn down the temperature of your washing machine. When you wash your clothes at 30 degrees, you will be using around 40% less electricity compared to higher temperature washes.

Many people don’t want to wash at 30 degrees as they think that it won’t kill the bacteria, but you can easily get environmentally friendly products like bio-antibacterial detergents that will make them even cleaner than if you were washing them at a higher temperature! If you are concerned, you could continue to wash things like towels, uniforms, or bedding at slightly higher temperatures, but try to keep it to a minimum where possible.

Also, when you wash at a lower temperature, your clothes are put under less strain, so they last longer. This is another bonus when it comes to the environment as you will need to replace clothes less often!

3. Invest In Blinds


Our next tip for more sustainable living to help your house become more eco-friendly is to invest in blinds for your home. When you have custom blinds that perfectly fit into the windows in your home, less heat is able to leave, and less cold is able to enter, which overall helps to insulate your home better.

When fewer heat escapes and less cold enters, you will need less energy to keep your home warm, therefore saving a significant amount of time and money! Whilst this is a slightly bigger investment, it is one that will make a real difference in your home.

4. Buy A Water Filter


Another tip if you are a fan of bottled water is to buy a water filter! You will have clean, filtered water like you get out of the bottles but without all the waste caused by bottled water. Plus, you will never run out of nice clean water and when you keep it in the fridge, it will taste just like fresh bottled water. When you are heading out of the house, take an earth-friendly product like a reusable water bottle and fill it up with your filtered water to stop single use plastic when you’re out.

This is such a simple change that can make a huge difference to the environment. Once you start, you will never look back!

Final Thoughts

With these simple yet environmentally friendly alternatives, you won’t be making major changes to your life, but you will be able to save money and help the environment in the long run while you feel positive about your achievements.

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