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Some babies adopt the baby crawl in which they crawl on their bellies with their arms doing the majority of the work, while others rock back and forth on their hands and knees and then move forward. Other crawling styles are the crab crawl such that one leg remain extended and the other being moved with one best knee, either forward or sideways and the wind-up such that moving backward before crawling forward. Scooting is one common alternative to crawling. If a crawling style looks a little odd it is not anything to worry about, but you should take in to notice,if your baby tends to drag one side of their body, ask your baby care specialist’s advice for safe side.


Crawling helps out your baby’s body and mind to work efficiently. It helps a baby to learn about coordinating muscles movements, visual and spatial abilities and also helps in developing cognitive skills by permitting them to reach a goal or focus by themselves such that crawl to a toy car they want that is present on the other side of the room. Crawling also helps babies to evolve navigation skills and strengthens memory. For example they remember to crawl behind the table to get a toy box.



Your house should be baby-proofed before that your baby starts crawling. The best way to make sure you do not skip any hazards is to get down on your hands and knees and check briefly each room. You have to store all chemicals and drinking objects on a high shelf and cabinets. Cover all electric outlets. Place all sharp objects up high away from their range. If you have wood floors, check uncovered nails or loose splinters that could hurt your baby. Pad all the edges and sharp corners of furniture such kitchen units. Roll up blind cords.

Because babies do not know what is safe for them and what is not, they crawl and get from one corner to the other with the blink of an eye. And that is the concern for many of the parents out there and for that purpose playpen were invented and Babyseater is a trust worthy name in buying the products of babies. Playpen allows your baby with enough space so he can crawl in it and also can enjoy with his toys i.e. he can play freely.

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