How Do I Know Which Shampoo is Best for My Hair?

best shampoo for my hair

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Your hair never seems quite right – it gets too limp, it isn’t shiny enough, it gets frizzy when the weather changes, it can get dandruff from time to time – what could you be doing wrong? You are not alone; millions of women have the same problem, hence the eternal quest for better hair care products. Finding the right shampoo may be a good place to start. Shampoo strips your hair of dirt and oils and adds important nutrients, so if you are using the wrong one you are not doing yourself any favours.

Only, how do you which shampoo is best for your hair? There are numerous hair shampoos available in the market so knowing which one will work for you is not easy. In fact, for many it’s a process of trial and error – they keep changing products until they find one which works. You don’t have to go through this – there are a few tips you can use to guide you to the right shampoo:

  • Understand your hair. Different people have different kinds of hair. Knowing yours is the first place to start. If, for example, you have thin hair that dries easily you ought not to be using shampoos that strip oils; instead, you should be looking for those that add body and build hair shafts. Likewise, if your hair has a tendency to frizz you should be looking for products that thin it a little and that are formulated for frizzy shampoo
  • Understand your scalp too – your hair feeds off your scalp so it follows that if you have an unhealthy scalp you will have unhealthy hair. You should treat your scalp the same way you treat your skin – feed it with essential nutrients so that it can help support a head of beautiful hair. For many, the problem is a dry scalp which is characterized by itchiness, dryness and dandruff. There are many types of hair shampoo that are designed to fight these specific problems.
  • Many women resort to cheap shampoo because they don’t believe that more expensive brands have anything more to offer. This is not always the case. Sometimes you get what you pay for. Cheap shampoos are not formulated with the special ingredients that are required to give your hair a healthy shine and bounce. You should splurge a little and buy something a bit high end.
  • The common wisdom is to steer clear of dry shampoos especially for those who have thin and dry hair, but if you use lots of hair products it is important to use it from time to time. Every time you use a product it is deposited on your scalp and hair and over time it accumulates creating a dull and lifeless look. You can get rid of it using a good dry shampoo.

Lastly, and many people don’t know this, your shampoo and conditioner brands don’t necessarily have to be the same. You may find that one brand of shampoo does wonders for you while the conditioner doesn’t. You can mix products if your hair calls for it.